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Opening ceremony of the fourth manifestation of “Ice Forest” in Novi Sad

December 5, 2019

The fourth “Ice Forest” event will be opened on Friday, December 6, in Danube Park, Novi Sad, starting at 6.30 pm and as announced by the organizers, free of charge content, top entertainment and unforgettable socializing with numerous performers await the program’s audience.

The opening program will feature regional music star Sara Jo and visitors will have the opportunity to have fun with the unique stunts of Novi Sad’s “Chaos Animators”, as well as performances by talented young skaters from the “Vojvodina” ice skating club and NS Stars hockey players who are affirmed and presented to the audience every year by the program of this event.

In the festively decorated ambient of “Ice Forest” with numerous music and entertainment facilities and traditional fireworks, in Novi Sad will be marked the beginning of the longest winter event in Serbia, which will give visitors a unique blend of socializing, entertainment, recreation and cultural events.

The integral offer of “Ice Forest” this year will also include the Snow City, a winter bazaar intended for the presentation of local artists and craftsmen, as well as the promotion of Vojvodina’s gastronomic specialties and winter delicacies.

Skating lovers will be able to try out at the region’s most modern outdoor skating rink, which covers an area of ​​1,300 square meters, where visitors can enjoy fun and recreation on ice and at temperatures up to 15 degrees.

During the opening night of “Ice Forest” the first skaters will have the opportunity to try out on the rink in the Danube Park, since free skating is allowed for children up to 12 years from 8 pm. As of Saturday, the shifts have been spread over seven terms, each lasting an hour and a half, starting at 9am until 9pm in the evening.

In order to popularize recreational ice skating as a fun winter sport, a free ice skating school will be provided with an hourly ice lesson. Also, through the program of cooperation with preschool and school institutions, “Ice Forest” provides free group visits for the youngest.

Considering that the Ice Forest is a meeting place for all generations, with the support of the City of Novi Sad and other partners in this project, this year’s manifestation program will include almost daily free content such as classical music concerts, contemporary bands performances, DJ performances, artistic performances and exhibitions, educational workshops for children and adults, children’s animation on the ice, and more.

As part of the social responsibility program, the Ice Forest will initiate and participate in humanitarian actions this year, which aim to raise funds for the most vulnerable children from Vojvodina and Serbia during the festive period.

Over the course of 45 days, the Ice Forest event brought together nearly 40,000 visitors in Novi Sad last year, and more than 50 performers from Novi Sad and Vojvodina presented themselves to the audience.