The Werkštat craft concept store is located in an extremely attractive location in the outskirts of Petrovaradin Fortress. The baroque old town, popularly called Gradić, is located on the banks of the Danube and represents the lower part of Petrovaradin Fortress. If you walk to the fort, it is impossible to bypass the monumental buildings and streets that reflect the past and some forgotten times. The building dating from the late 18th and early 19th century housed the Werkštat concept store with the desire to present something different and original to tourists and our fellow citizens.

This concept is characterized by the fact that it combines artisanal, artistic and design offerings of high quality products exclusively by local artists and designers. The offer includes a souvenir program consisting of hand-painted magnets, mugs, bowls and decorations, various T-shirts with the stamp of Novi Sad and Petrovaradin, artistic paintings and original photographs. In addition, there are original and unique pieces of jewelry made of wood, metal, leather and porcelain. The range also features designer accessories such as quirky badges, unique handbags, wallets, as well as various pieces of clothing that allow anyone to find something authentic and of high quality.

Werkstat craft concept store has already become well known among the lovers of art and beautiful stuff, and tourists do not miss the opportunity to take a photo besides a flower shop or inside a modern and striking interior. This is a place where you can take a break from the walk, get informed and browse through books on the cultural and historical heritage of Novi Sad, talk, and maybe choose a gift for yourself or for loved ones. Do not miss the opportunity to visit Werkštat when visiting Novi Sad and Petrovaradin.


Address: Štrosmajerova 10

Contact: 064 4932129

FB: @werkstatconceptstore

Instagram: @werkstat_store

Email: werkstat.store@gmail.com


Štrosmajerova 10, Petrovaradin