Souvenir shop Souvenirs

The above-mentioned souvenir shop opened up in 2018 in a street that was formerly the home to manufacturers of leather items. The very building of the souvenir shop retained the outlook of the original craft shop but was made more modern and enriched with nice jardinières with flowers that lures the visitors.

The assortment of the souvenir shop encompasses: the gastronomic products in small and stylish packaging, ceramics, hand embroided items of clothing as well as embroided rugs, works of renowned designers and reproductions of frescos from the Serbian monasteries… Every single item has been carefully and specifically selected as well as hand made in our country.

The authenticity of this souvenir shop is complemented by the fact that the vendors are fluent and can address the visitors not only in Serbian but also in English, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese or Slovak language.


Address: Nikole Pašića 23, Novi Sad


Dunavska 2, Novi Sad