Jucin dućan

“Jucin Dućan”, namely the puppet Juca that is the mascot of “Jucin Dućan” represents a typical offspring of Vojvodina region. The handmade puppet under the name of Juca was designed at the end of 2014 as a symbol of Vojvodina and is still being sold in a store carrying the same name located in Ise Bajića 8 Street in the very centre of the city.

Puppet Juca is a mascot of this store, and along with it you’ll be able to find examples of handcraft of applied artists coming from across Serbia. “Jucin Dućan” is a place where you can buy jewellery, handbags, vanity cases, hand painted mats and socks, lamps made of gourd and many other interesting things. The representatives of “Jucin Dućan” keep in touch with their associates and customers through social networks. Nowadays, you can find the puppet Juca all over the world- starting from Europe, across the US, Mexico, Chile, Australia, Africa and Japan. The most frequent buyers are the fellow citizens who wish to buy this puppet as a present and send it to members of their families living abroad as a way of reminding them of Novi Sad and Vojvodina.



Dunavska 6 (pasaž), Novi Sad