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Sunny Novi Sad welcomed journalists from Croatia

May 20, 2019

At the end of last and early this week, at the invitation of the Tourist Organisation of the City of Novi Sad, a group of journalists from Croatia came to Novi Sad.

Although these days are mostly rainy days, the journalists had two full days without rain and could fully enjoy the pleasant weather while visiting the city.

Some journalists who mainly write for the lifestyle magazine, influencers are on social networks or are interested in topics for young people, as well as gastronomy, they were already in Novi Sad, while some have never before had the opportunity to get acquainted with the offer of the city. For this reason, for journalists and readers, journalists have prepared numerous articles related to the offer in the vicinity of the city, which is increasingly attractive, especially for the so-called. “Young nomads” who have enough time to travel and at the same time work from any point just to have access to the Wi-Fi network.

Journalists had the opportunity to taste great specialties of traditional Vojvodina cuisine at Salaš 137, in Čenej, upon their arrival in Novi Sad, where they were delighted with ambience and food    immediately to publish their information on their whereabouts on Sunday afternoon.

Association with the representatives of the NoviSAD 2021 Foundation at the Eđšeg Cultural Centre, as well as with the representatives of the OPENS organisation with the cakes Mire Banjac from the “Vremeplov” pastry shop, additionally influenced the great experience of the gastronomic offer of Novi Sad.

The next day, guests enjoyed Fruška Gora, so during the visit of the Novo and Staro Hopovo monasteries, they enjoyed the nature of the national park Fruška Gora. The visit to the Sremska street was completed by visiting the Petrovaradin fortress, which is especially interesting for the elderly population that this part of the city associates with when the famous tamburica players from Petrovaradin entertained guests until the early morning hours.

At the ranch in the Stari Ledinci, “Dobro prase” (Good pig), guests were sweetened with vegan specialties, and in the “Sokače” for the end of the tour, they had the opportunity to try something from the traditional Serbian feast.

What is most interesting, however, is that guests are thrilled, full impressions have taken the road from Belgrade, and from both cities in 5 days they have taken great impressions that have been transmitted through social networks all the time and which they will write in their articles after the trip.