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Summer in Novi Sad

July 1, 2021

At the site where the Danube is so beautiful that every conqueror wanted to have it, on a tame fertile bank where not only the most diverse plant life but also exceptional people have been growing for centuries already, in the climate that resists all unreasonable hasting and cherishes patience as virtue, that is where a huge inspiration of poets and musicians – a divine Novi Sad – nested itself.

If Novi Sad were music, most probably it would be jazz because only a few genres can unify all the rhythms that intertwine along its stone paved streets, Fortress, Štrand beach, parks… That is where some saxophones could be heard from its cult bands, together with bits of never forgotten tamburitza, gentle guitars of street musicians, and tough drums from the fortress…


Štrand beach

Summer is the season during which Novi Sad breathes with full lungs and reveals its full glow. With a number of events held outdoors and numerous events in both the city centre and in all other parts of the city, interesting things are awaiting for you no matter if you plan them or you stumble over them. A large number of tourists from different countries who embark on a kind of a small scale invasion on Vojvodina capital, contribute to the energy of the city. Festival atmosphere in the streets of Novi Sad starts with first summer days already and lasts until the last shy sun rays.

“Exit“ Festival celebrates its twentieth birthday this summer at the Petrovaradin Fortress under the slogan “Celebrating Life“. This huge historical complex will also host some of the best cyclists of all times at the European Mountain Bike Championships. The promenade of tamburitza orchestras in the streets of Novi Sad will open the 14th International Tamburitza Fest. The residents of Novi Sad and their guests will enjoy in the sounds of this instrument for three days at two venues. We will see the summer off with the performances of most creative street performers within the “Gradić Fest“.


Exit festival

This is also the period of hot weather, Danube banks, “čardas“ and a reminder that Novi Sad – Serbian Athens – is the city of culture and address of the most important cultural and educational institution among the Serbs – Matica Srpska. Summer is the right time to visit the museums and galleries of the Serbian Athens and to remind ourselves in a cosy shade, far from the throng and heat, that we have been a part of the central Europe for a long time already. In numerous authentic cultural stations that are slowly but definitely becoming new venues of culture in Novi Sad the visitors will be able to attend and participate in creation of many cultural contents throughout the year.


City Museum of Novi Sad