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Brilliant Results And All Goals Accomplished In 2016

December 12, 2016

At this year’s celebration organised by YU Travel review in co-operation with journalists from printed media and radio and television, the Tourist Organisation of the City of Novi Sad was awarded the GOLDEN AMPHORA statue as the most successful tourist organisation in Serbia for 2016. The rewards in different categories were also awarded to the Embassies of India, Israel, Cuba, tourist agency KonTiki Travel, Bel Medic Clinic, etc. At the awarding ceremony, Branislav Knežević, the Director of the Tourist Organisation of the City of Novi Sad, said in the beginning of his speech that the preceding year was the year of “breaking our own previous records”.
At the beginning of the year, a renowned web site www.europeanbestdestinations.com included Novi Sad among 10 best European destinations to be visited in 2016. During this year’s OPENS YOUTH FAIR the records in the number of exhibitors (more than 60), number of participating countries (6 countries and Serbia) and number of visitors (more than 15,000 for both days) were broken thanks to numerous partners.
Similar to previous years, we register the increase in number of visits and overnight stays from month to month, meaning at an annual level as well. According to the data of the Republic Statistical Office, there were 146,139 tourists in total who stayed in Novi Sad, which is an increase of 13.6% compared to the same period last year. According to the same source, there were 303,317 overnight stays in total in the period from January to October 2016, which makes 19.9% of increase. The increase in overnight stays of tourists compared to the previous year makes 29% in total, which means that there is an increase in the residence tax collection that exceeded our expectations.
The accomplished results are the consequence of numerous appearances of the Tourist Organisation of the City of Novi Sad at promotions and fairs, as well as of the participation in the campaign created by the Tourist Organisation of Serbia – “My Serbia” promotional caravan that has been organised in 14 cities. Having participated at fairs and in promotions in the country and abroad we have contributed to positioning of the City of Novi Sad on the tourist map of Europe. Billboards about Novi Sad have been displayed in larger towns in Serbia and countries in the region aimed at continuing the promotion. After that, the Tourist Organisation of the City of Novi Sad organised the campaign inviting visitors to spend the Christmas and New Year’s holidays in Novi Sad. At social networks, on the radio and television and in electronic media we promoted the events and catering facilities in the city offering programmes for New Ear’s holidays.
All the activities that had been planned were successfully organised. The second phase of the project of displaying tourist signalisation, which was planned for this year and that implied displaying of 9 two-sided city light panels and 2 panels for galleries, has been brought close to completion. During the first phase five three-sided panels with tourist information and photographs of city sights in a narrow city core were displayed.
Our commitment to special segments of tourists such as cyclo tourists has put us on the map of desirable cyclo destinations. Considering that Novi Sad is located on Euro Velo 6 route, we were the first in Serbia to make the map providing far more comprehensive information that will make the stay of cyclo tourists in our city unique and easier.

In the end, the Director of the Tourist Organisation of Novi Sad spoke about the success of people who were leading the candidacies of the City of Novi Sad for European Capital of Culture 2021 and European Youth Capital 2019. Both titles were won and they will inevitably bring more work to our team. Many times until now we have proven that more work means bigger challenge for us and most definitely breaking of new records.
With these words and wishing all the entrepreneurs of Novi Sad and Serbia a successful and happy 2017, the Director of the Tourist organisation of Novi Sad concluded his address and thanked the team of the YU Travel tourist magazine for the trust they extended and a highly important reward they awarded to us giving us strength and imposing the obligation to be even better in the forthcoming period.