Toster Bar

Many citizens of Novi Sad are of the opinion that the best burgers in the city are made here. The menu offers a truly large selection of burgers with most various additions and numerous sauces… The special attention is paid to quality of meat and use of fresh foodstuffs. The burgers are served on a wooden plank which gives a particular taste to food. In warmer weather food can be enjoyed in a not so particularly large garden in front of the place, and it very complicated to find free seat during the weekends. The staff is very professional and complaisant and they can always offer you the craft beer that would match ideally with burgers you ordered. By the way, they have a truly impressive selection of this foamy drink, whether it is domestic or Belgian, Czech, German…


Njegoševa 10

Phone: +381 65 8606 404




Zmaj Jovina 24, inside a passage