Terrace of the Fortress

THE TERRACE OF THE FORTRESS WITH THE OFFICERS’ PAVILION offers a magnificent view of the city of Novi Sad. The officers’ pavilion, built in the 18th century, was previously used to house the military administration; officers’ balls and gala receptions for important people were also organized there. In the past, it hosted the Austrian emperors Joseph II, Franz I and Francis Joseph, while after the collapse of the First Serbian Uprising, Karađorđe and Serbian dukes stayed there. In a more recent past, the president of the SFR Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, hosted the leaders of the non-aligned movement there.

The architect Dragiša Brašovan adapted the interior, and after that a restaurant was opened on the ground floor. It has become famous thanks to the tamburica orchestra of Janika Balaž. That was why one of the most beautiful romantic songs from Vojvodina, “Eight tamburica players from Petrovaradin”, was created on the Terrace of the Fortress.

Today you can enjoy in gastronomic specialties of the restaurant – “Osam tamburaša“ (“Eight tamburica players”) (www.osamtamburasa.co.rs), “Sat” (“The Clock“) (www.restoransat.com) and “Terasa“ (“Terrace”) (www.terasa.rs).