Cultural station Eđšeg

The Egység Cultural Station used to be the centre of the first sports association in this area, and it is located in Grbavica, the wider city centre. The Egység building is often called a castle because of its authentic architecture, which makes an unusual combination with the surrounding basketball courts. Apart from being a unique place for concerts, exhibitions, workshops, small bazaars and programmes for children, Egység is one of the favourite gathering places for neighbours and other fellow citizens who often visit its large garden. Once a sports centre, today it is a new place for culture in the city to which visitors are always happy to return.

Address: Antona Čehova Street 4
Phone: +381 21 383 0419
Meeting room facilities: Theater: 60/180; Classroom: 60/180; Cocktail style: 60 indoors / 250 outdoors;


Antona Čehova 4