Brkin salas

When you take the old road from Novi Sad to Subotica, the endless greenery passing around Čenej awakens a sense of serenity. If you can classify yourself among those who like to travel through the past for a day, then visit the Brkin salaš rural tourist household. With the very first step, passing through a small wooden gate and looking at the courtyard, a smile on one’s face will be part of the reaction to the Matić family’s household. As the home is located within the salaš (a kind of farmstead), they like to say that their working hours start when they get up and last until they go to sleep, but prior announcement of guests is mandatory since they work upon an agreement basis.

Veal cooked in sač and doughnuts with homemade jam are the specialty of the house, and everything can be tasted with a glass of wine from the Rudež winery. As hosts like to point out, their portions aren’t limited.

Because of the ambiance and hospitality, guests often return. They have an adrenaline park for children at their disposal, and they can also see domestic animals walking around the property undisturbed.

It is possible, with prior agreement, to organize all kinds of celebrations.

There are also four double rooms on the property, so guests can feel what it’s like to wake up in a Vojvodina rural household.

Business hours:  by appointment with obligatory notice
Address: 312 International Road, Cheney
Phone: +381 (0)60 730 8920; +381 (0)61 570 4290

Text: Bojan Petrović
Photos: Aleksandar Milutinović
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Međunarodni put 312, Čenej