The “Vrdnička Kula” ethno restaurant (Fruška gora)

The “Vrdnička Kula” ethno restaurant, located in the very heart of Fruška Gora, is the ideal place for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, slowing down the daily rhythm and connecting with nature. Local products such as forest mushrooms, game meat, cheese, honey, ham, kulen, grapes and wine, with a touch of culinary magic, are the choice for all visitors, through a unique offer of traditional local cuisine. Food preparation using an open flame, as the main source of heat, not only satisfies the gastronomic sensory criteria, but awakens primal feelings in the guests. Homemade sausage, smoked neck, homemade bacon are products of the restaurant’s smokehouse.

The capacity of the restaurant with a terrace is 230 seats. The terrace offers a beautiful view of Vrdnik and Fruška Gora, which can make your family lunch or business dinner unforgettable. The production of fine brandies from different types of fruit and craft Premier beer from our own production enriches the restaurant’s offer. The wine cellar, as part of the ethno restaurant “Vrdnička Kula”, has a capacity of 130 seats and is an excellent choice for organizing corporate events and receptions. In front of the ethnic restaurant there are also three smaller gardens with a total capacity of 70 seats, which connect the favorite place of our youngest guests, on the children’s playground.

Address: Potes pod kulom bb, 22408 Vrdnik,
Phone: +381 (0) 22 2155271


Potes pod kulom bb, 22408 Vrdnik