The “Fruškogorska Terasa” restaurant (Fruška gora)

The “Fruškogorska Terasa” restaurant will certainly evoke a homely atmosphere and allow you to enjoy the traditional dishes of Serbia and Vojvodina. It is located in the Fruška Gora forest, on the way to Iriški Venac, Irig and Ruma.

From the terrace and the beautiful garden with fountain and swimming pool, there is a wonderful view of Popovica, Mošina Vila, the Danube and Novi Sad. In the immediate vicinity of the restaurant, on the right side of the road, there is also an Orthodox church dedicated to the Holy Great Martyr Marina, the Fiery Mary.

Address: Gorska 12, Sremska Kamenica
Phone: +381 (0)21/270 1007


Gorska 12, Sremska Kamenica