Restaurant Fruškogorska lugarnica (Fruška gora)

“Fruškogorska Lugarnica” is ideal for those who want a vacation in the countryside, in absolute peace and quiet, far from the city crowd and noise. The specialty of the house is venison. Within the two-hectare complex, visitors can enjoy the beautiful Fruška Gora ambience, nature, horses and two ethnic restaurants. It is located in the village of Mala Remeta, on the slopes of Fruška Gora, and it is about 8 kilometers from Vrdnik spa. The complex has 35 beds in three duplexes and seven rooms.

“Fruškogorska Lugarnica” has a restaurant with a capacity of 50 seats indoors and 300 seats outdoors with a view of Fruška Gora and Srem, and there is also a wine cellar-kačara with 20 seats. The guests of the tavern enjoy local specialties characteristic of Srem and Fruška Gora. It is an ideal place for organizing family celebrations, seminars, team building. It is possible to organize children’s education in the field of horseback riding, cycling, jeep safari, panoramic sightseeing of Fruška Gora from an airplane.

Address: Mala Remeta, Pinkijeva 53 (Municipality of Irig)
Phone: +381 (0) 64-140-23-34, +381 (0) 22-468-777
Instagram: @fruskogorskalugarnica



Mala Remeta, Pinkijeva 53 (Opština Irig)