Sokače New Way

Sokače New Way is an authentic restaurant located in Pap Pavla Street in the immediate vicinity of the city centre. The original interior design with plenitude of creative details and ornaments, large number of antiquities and style furniture are the things that contribute to the authenticity of this restaurant. The tradition and modern trends are combined in the best possible manner in this restaurant. The restaurant is renowned for its specialties of national cuisine such as: grill specialties, “svadbarski kupus” (cooked cabbage with meat served at weddings), chicken “ajmokac” and since recently they’ve expanded their offer to include specialties of international cuisine. Live performances and music nights are organized on Fridays and weekends. This happens to be one of the most favourite restaurants of many celebrities from the world of show business: musicians, presenters and particularly actors that come by and visit this restaurant every time they happen to be in Novi Sad.

Pavla Papa 11
Phone: +381 21 6622007


Pavla Papa 11