Restoran Veliki

Restaurant Veliki

Restaurant Veliki offers authentic Vojvodina cuisine and is located in the city centre, in Nikole Pašića Street no. 24. Their rich menu displays the o with influences of Hungarian, Slovak, German, and Serbian cuisine as well as cuisines of all other nations that used to inhabit these areas. It is a menu of grandmothers of Vojvodina presented in a modern manner. The offer includes “Hungarian goulash soup”, “Imperial Ribs”, “Pork chops in apple sauce”,  “Hortobágyi”  (pork in piquant sauce with homemade noodles), “Veal Pörkölt”. The offer of sweets includes “Somloi Galuska” as the most sold dessert as well as “Šne-nokle” (of Schneeeier in German, also known as “Floating Islands”) that are also in high demand and “Sacher” cake that can easily match the taste of the original one served in Vienna. The ambience of the restaurant is pleasant, modernly decorated with the dominant use of bricks and wood, while the original Bavarian beams from the 19th century can be seen on the ceiling. A 200 year old cabinet from the time of Venetian Republic is a special attraction of the restaurant. Hotel Veliki with 15 rooms and conference hall is located above the restaurant.

Nikole Pašića 24

Phone: +381 21 553420




Nikole Pašića 24