Macchiato house

Macchiato house, a restaurant with art with their signature on it from 1995, represents a blend of tradition and innovation. Join us and feel the passion, love and dedication of our team located in the heart of Novi Sad. Professional and polite service in a pleasant ambiance, excellent gastronomy with complementing wines, our aim being to give each guest a tasteful, elegant and sophisticated experience. Menu was created in synergy with the ambiance of the building itself and the interior. Chef has chosen a combination of dishes, local in character, with elements from Vojvodina and Austria, as well as contemporary cuisine, in order to satisfy the taste of all guests. In addition to Macchiato House offering gastronomic specialties, you can also find a wide range of fine wines that go with all your favorite meals, as well as delicious Hausbrandt coffee brewed by skilled bartenders.

Železnička 10
Phone: +381 21 300 1865


Železnička 10