Kovilj is an old settlement in Bačka with two churches and a monastery. According to the legend, the Serbian Orthodox Monastery Kovilj with the church dedicated to St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel was founded by St. Sava. Its name was mentioned in the records for the first time in the 17th century. The monastery has had its current look since the middle of the 18th century. The iconostasis was painted by Aksentije Marodić, while wood carved pieces were made by Jovan Kistner.
Serbian Orthodox Church of Christ’s Ascension (Upper Kovilj Church) was built in 1829. Serbian Orthodox Church of St. Thomas the Apostle (Lower Kovilj Church) was built in 1845 at the site of an older church.

The information and announcing of visits:

Monastery Kovilj, Duška Vickova Street 51; Phone + 381 (0)21 298 8020, e-mail: kovilj@eunet.rs (group visits should be announced a day in advance).
Serbian Orthodox Church of St. Thomas the Apostle (Lower Kovilj Church) at Laze Kostića Street 16; father Stevan Lukić – mobile phone + 381 (0) 64 800 4221. + 381 (0) 64 800 4221. It is possible to visit the church upon previous announcement (mandatory in case of group visits).

Upon previous announcement the tourists can also visit:
Agricultural holding of Sava Graorac, Vojvodjanskih Brigada Street 57; +381 (0) 21 298 8558, www.mangulice.com(mandatory announcement)


Kovilj, Serbia