Begeč is one of the suburbs of Novi Sad. The remnants of the pier Castellum Onagrinum dating back to the end of the 3rdcentury were found in the vicinity of Begeč, at the archaeological site called “Kuva”. On the southern side of the complex there is the necropolis dating back to the late Middle Ages, the period of Great Migration of Peoples, while Sarmatian necropolis was found on the northern side.

Begečka jama is a nature park and popular picnic resort created on the old Danube riverbed. It spreads across the surface of 379 hectares. The place is known after its fishing sites, beach, weekend resort, fishermen’s centre and catering facilities. Begečka jama is one of the places along the banks of the river Danube from Bačka Palanka to Beška that is of great significance for the nesting birds.

The following facilities are available to visitors: Cvejin salaš *** Begeč, Nikole Tesle Street 2; Make sure to book in advance www. Cvejin salaš is authentic rural household where tourists are offered not only the specialities of domestic cuisine but also the accommodation in authentic household atmosphere of rural homes categorised with 3*.

There are famous čarda’s in the vicinity: “Kod Braše” (Begečka jama 56) and “Čarda na jami” (Begečka jama bb).


Begeč, Serbia