This pastry shop is located in the main city promenade, in Zmaj Jovina Street, so that the shop’s garden is always filled with a lot of guests. The pastry shop has a 40 years long tradition throughout which it has changed its design remaining at the same time non-intruding, romantic and exotic place. You can try out the mignon cakes, baklavas, Meringue pie, sweet pastry and various kinds of cakes. The ice-cream served here is made according to the old and tested recipe and its selection is diverse as they make approximately twenty different kinds of this icy sweet – from standard vanilla and chocolate, up to the more unusual ones such as ice cream with peanuts, hazelnut, lemon, bananas, green apple, coconut and fruit yoghurt flavours.

Zmaj Jovina 19
Phone: +381 21 6623 280


Zmaj Jovina 19