Multi Tarte

Multi Tarte pastry shop became famous for its version of classic New York cheesecakes that were elevated to a new level of manufacturing processes and diversity. Their advantage lies in utilization of specific neutral Srem “Schwaben cheese” that can rarely be found anywhere else other in Novi Sad and Vojvodina and that is used in innovative manners. If you are a fan of tarts or cakes decorated in a funny manner this is the place for you.

You can indulge yourselves in various tastes starting from lemon, chestnuts, tarts with fresh sweet cheese complemented with raspberries, pears, apples or pure chocolate “pies” that can all be found in one place. You don’t need to take excessive amounts of sweet delicacies due to their rich and creamy taste. For special occasions such as Valentine’s Day we recommend the cakes with cream and fruits yoghurt tucked in between the crusts made of white of an egg.

Beogradska 10, Petrovaradin
Phone: +381 21 432 258


Petrovaradin, Beogradska 10