"Salaš" farmsteads and ethno houses

Fruška Gora area is a congregation of extraordinary amenities with preserved eco systems, lakes, picnic sites, historical sites, cultural monuments and original building, i.e. architectural heritage. A part of active heritage such as “salaš” farmsteads and ethno houses are adapted to the needs of contemporary visitors but they are also the oases cherishing the spirit of the past times, Fruška Gora tales and myths. “Salaš” farmsteads and ethno houses are often located along the wine trails so that some of them provide the visitors the possibility to experience all the abundance of gastronomy and rural customs.

“Salaš” farmsteads

Cveja’s salaš – Begeč www.cvejinsalas.com/o-nama.html
The household of Sava Graorac – Kovilj www.mangulice.com
Salaš Stojšić – Beška www.salasstojsic.com
Banstolka – a weekend houses settlement at Banstol www.banstolka.rs
Perkov’s Salaš – Neradin www.salasi.info/sr/salas/perkovsalas
Blanuša’s Paradise – Banoštor

Ethno houses

Ethno house Maradik www.armidatours.co.rs
Ethno house “Mother Angelina” – Grgurevci www.etnokucamajkaangelina.com
Ethno house “Ilkićev Kućerak” in Srem – Vrdnik www.kucerak-u-sremu.rs
Ethno Settlement “Vrdnička kula” www.hotelpremieraqua.com/etno_naselje/index.html
Eco-ethno club “Čerević” www.cerevic.rs/en
Women’s Association “Majkina Radionica” – Banoštor
Ethno house “Kućerak u Sremu”- Krušedol;
Ethno Household “Gagijevo sedlo” – Morović www.gagijevosedlo.rs