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DOOR 404 Escape Room Novi Sad – Treasure Hunt

August 8, 2019

For several years now, Novi Sad has been offering a new kind of fun (and education!) – DOOR 404 Escape Room Novi Sad, which enables you to experience a unique experience by solving teamwork problems in one of the rooms. But what happens when it spreads from a room to an entire city? This is when the Treasure hunt game begins, that is, the treasure hunt in the city.

Most tasks take you to the center of Novi Sad, the historical and cultural center of the city. However, this kind of game has been digitally updated and is now very sophisticated. Specifically, every team that decides to search the treasure are challenged by the various puzzles that need to be solved as quickly as possible. In addition to the puzzles, the tasks are based on historical facts about Novi Sad, but do not be frightened, because for each task you can use help, you just need to find it.


After each completed task, Treasure Hunt also allows you to learn something new about the significant personalities of this city, as well as the buildings adjacent to it. At the end of the quest, when solving the last task, you have no right to help, but should be guided by logic, but, remember, what is logical is not really. You have 3 hours to find the treasure in Novi Sad. If you succeed before the time runs out, you will get a nice treat, and if you fail, better luck the second time around!

What is important to note is that this game is adapted for foreign tourists as well, since the application is made in two languages, Serbian and English. This way foreign visitors can learn something new about the history and culture of our city – through an exciting game!

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Author: Aleksandra Brankov