Pre & post tours

If you travel to Novi Sad for a business, and you have the opportunity to come a day earlier or stay a day longer, it may be the right moment to visit some of the attractions in the city or its surroundings.

And these are just some of the suggestions you might see…




City center


City center is recognisable by Liberty Square, where the Roman Catholic Church of The Name of Mary and City Hall are dominated. During a city tour, you can walk through the Zmaj Jovina and Dunavska streets, well-known for numerous passages and cafes. In the Dunavska street you can visit the Museum of Vojvodina and The Museum of the Unification of Vojvodina to Serbia. At the end of Dunavska street is located Danube park, which represents a greenery oasis in the very city center. Jevrejska Street, with a reputable Novi Sad Synagogue also belongs to the old core of Novi Sad in a historical and architectural sense.


For those who are interested in culture, the city center of Novi Sad offers a wide range of opportunities to meet the culture through different institutions. You can visit Collection of Foreign Art, Museum of contemporary art of Vojvodina and some of the galleries located next to each other at the Gallery square: Gallery of Matica Srpska, Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection and Fine Art Gallery – Endowment Collection of Rajko Mamuzić.


Petrovaradin Fortress


On the other side of the Danube is Petrovaradin Fortress. One of the largest and best-preserved fortresses with the largest informal colony of artists and with one of only five workshops for manufacture of artistic tapestries in Europe. The Upper town is dominated by the Clock Tower, well-known as a drunk clock because the big hand shows hours and the small one shows minutes. Also, you can visit The City Museum and the unique attraction of the Fortress – the underground military galleries. At the top of the fortress you can enjoy the overlooking of the city from some of the many restaurants with traditional as well as international food.





Fisherman Island


Across the popular city beach Štrand is located Fisherman Island, which represents an irresistible weekend village surrounded by greenery with numerous restaurants, where you can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere while tasting traditional or fish dishes.  Quay promenade by the river overlooking the bridges of Novi Sad and Petrovaradin Fortress gives a complete outdoor relaxation experience.








Fruška gora


National Park “Fruška Gora” was established in 1960 and it was the oldest one in the Socialist Yugoslavia. At the surface of around 25,000 hectares covered by the National Park “Fruška Gora” there are protected unique landscapes, valuable geological and geo-morphological units, rare plant and animal species, and forest complexes. The spas of Vrdnik and Slankamen and lakes, among which Borkovac, Sot, Banja-Bruje, Moharač, and Medješ that are important for tourism enrich the contents of the area. Places that belong to the most important material and cultural heritage in the territory of the National Park “Fruška Gora” include the complex of Serbian Orthodox monasteries, valuable spatial cultural-historical units. Fruška Gora is the area of good wines with the following prominent wine centres: Irig, Banoštor, Sremski Karlovci, and Šid.




Sremski Karlovci


Small town located in the vicinity of Novi Sad, just 11 km from the city center. For over 200 years, the town has been the spiritual center of Serbian people and flourished with monumental buildings of great importance and cultural heritage. You will experience the St. Nicolas Church (1762), famous for its twin towers and iconoclast, it represents a magnificent piece of baroque architecture. A 15-minute walk from the center of town is the first ever roundtable room in history that was set up in the Chapel of Peace. The Grammar School, dating back to the 18th century, is the first ever high school in Serbia. Fountain “Four Lions” – built as part of the completion of the first Karlovac waterworks. Numerous wine cellars complete the picture of a magic town. Special dessert wine from this area is bermet, sweet and aromatic wine, that is produced in a special way using more than 20 different herbs. Drinking wine at the place where it is made is a special experience. With a tasting of your choice in wine cellars, you will learn a lot about the long tradition of viticulture, the method of wine production, but also some little wine secrets, all spiced with a pleasant atmosphere with Srem appetizer, strudel with poppy seeds or kuglof. In the center of the place is a kind of “museum” dedicated to the most famous Karlovac dessert, kuglof. In the craft shop “Gea”, visitors can buy, but also participate in a workshop for making kuglofs. Not far from the center of the town on Magarčevo breg is Vidikovac, which offers a beautiful view of Sremske Karlovce, but also the Bačka plain. There is a gilded cross and a sculpture of the famous poet Duško Trifunović on the lookout.


Farmsteads, “čarda” restaurants, wine routes


Novi Sad has always been the place where food is very rich and meals are generous, and eaten at a slow pace. The farmsteads, “čarda” restaurants and wine routes provide the possibility for a unique gastronomic enjoyment often combined with traditional, joyful rural festivities. In the ambience typical for Vojvodina rural households with traditional food and good wines you can slow down the time at least for a moment and fully enjoy yourself.