After three years of hosting, Novi Sad Winter Fest deservedly receives recognition as one of the top 10 New Year’s markets in Europe

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On the website, , which announced the competition for the best New Year and Christmas market in Europe, over 280,000 voters from all over Europe stated that Budapest was the best Christmas market in Europe this year and that Novi Sad Winter Fest was deservedly among the top 10.

With 76% of votes from abroad and 24% of votes from Serbia, Novi Sad Winter Fest, which for the first time took part in such a prestigious competition, was awarded the most for the “singing” Christmas tree in which children’s choirs perform daily, in several languages, as and because of the feachers that only during this event allows guests of the city and fellow citizens to take a ride around the city center under the starry sky of New Year’s decorations.

The positions behind Novi Sad were Trier, Prague, Cologne and other cities, and Novi Sad took this prestigious place after 3 years of holding this event, which quickly gained the reputation of a favorite winter event among fellow citizens and tourists.

More about the competition and the winners can be found at this link: