Homepage Blog The Novi Sad youth offer was presented to a group of young journalists from Croatia

The Novi Sad youth offer was presented to a group of young journalists from Croatia

August 13, 2019

With new content and international festivals primarily aimed at young people in the region, Novi Sad, as the Youth Capital of Europe, is an extremely popular youth destination this year. With that in mind, OPENS 2019 and the Tourism Organization of the City of Novi Sad have put together an extremely interesting and meaningful program for young journalists, some of them in Novi Sad for the first time.

Immediately upon their arrival, the journalists became acquainted with the success of the Novi Sad tourism team, and then found themselves at the European Team Championship in the  “Gaming OpeNS” table games in the Master Hall of the Novi Sad Fair. On this occasion, they interviewed some of the participants of the event, which brings together fans of strategic games. The joke says, you can call him by name while he’s playing, he won’t hear you, but try moving the figurine and you’ll be noticed. About 1000 gamers from 40 countries of the world participated in the event that took place at the Novi Sad Fair last week. Such passion for games kept these young people (mostly boys) for a full 5 days in the Master Hall, allowing them to tour the city during the night and enjoy a rich night out in the city.

It was the same with our guests who, after “Gaming OpeNS”, took a break in the well-known pastry shop “Vremeplov” on Bulevar Oslobodjenja, where they had the opportunity to, in addition to guiding through a personal collection of antiques by the owner Nemanja (the owner of the pastry shop), exhibited in the pastry shop itself ,and to taste the famous “Mira Banjac” cake, which has been protected by the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia on the other day.

The first day of the visit ended with the Danube and Jimmy Hendrix at the “Brod Teatar” . With the story of Minja Dundjerskog from the Student Cultural Center of Novi Sad and the celebration of Woodstock’s 50 years, the story went through two decades of the Student Cultural Center and the nightlife of Novi Sad.

The second day of the visit began with a visit to the Museum of the City of Novi Sad, the underground military galleries, a tour of the Fortress, a walk in the city center, all the way to the socially-youth center for LGBT young people “Izadji”. The afternoon, on the other hand, was even more active. After a tour of Room Escape, where journalists had the opportunity to solve a task in Tesla’s room, the day was over at “Mite Ruzic” street in the famous Berberaj – Puberaj – Feniraj – (and soon Toaster).

Unexpectedly, we rounded up the picture of young Novi Sad on the third day by visiting the Matica Srpska Gallery and the Pavel Beljanski Memorial Collection, where we were introduced to a cultural guide intended for young people, supported by OPENS, exhibition  “Mladi biraju” and the Youth Museum.

The day ended with a visit to the OPENS festival of colors and the “Strand” beach, which is quickly becoming a recognizable event throughout the region.

In addition to content for young people, young journalists also enjoyed the rich gastronomic offer, nightlife and the beauty of the city and wished to return and broadcast many more programs and events in the coming year.