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Journalists from Israel delighted with the rhythm of the city

July 8, 2019

At the invitation of the Belgrade Tourist Organisation, the City of Novi Sad Tourism Organization hosted a group of journalists from Israel on July 4th, focusing on two Danube cities – Belgrade and Novi Sad.

We were greeted by a group in front of the Synagogue, where the President of the Jewish Community also addressed them. We continued our sightseeing tour of Novi Sad, accompanied by a guide, through the pedestrian zone towards the outskirts of the fort, and with the inevitable ice cream from Scheherezade, which we tried to refresh on a hot summer day. The city atmosphere was additionally warmed by the large number of EXIT visitors, which made our guests eager to experience the most popular European festival on their own day.

We took a break at a traditional cuisine restaurant, with rich dining and music, first talking about culture, then architecture and the many events that enrich the Novi Sad summer season.

When the festival gates opened, our guests melted into the river of people flowing toward the different stages, and we were left to wait for the report and the moments they recorded with their cameras.