Novi Sad in two days - Novi Sad on the Danube

During summer, we recommend you to extend and enrich your standard tour of the Petrovaradin Fortress and city urban core by discovering the entire City’s’ beauties on the huge river. The Danube is the main street of the city that has descended onto the river banks not only with its older streets and most representative buildings, but also with the entire city districts, walking areas, beaches, “čardas” i.e. fish restaurants and weekend settlements.



Numerous venues are located on the left side of the Danube: Štrand is the most popular city beach that celebrated its centennial of existence in 2011. It is equipped with all of the required infrastructure. In summer Štrand is one of the liveliest places in Novi Sad where sports competitions, concerts and festivals are held.

 A perfect ending to any day is on the Danube in some of “čardas” i.e. fish restaurants and
indulgent in traditional dishes, drinks and music played by “tamburica” players. Čarda Aqua Doria is located on the Srem side of the Danube, Kamenički put bb, tel: +381 (0)21 64-30-949 and so is “Tako je suđeno” tavern, Ribnjak, Gornji put 15,
tel: +381 (0)21 533225.



Ribarsko ostrvo and Kamenjar are weekend resorts with numerous ”čardas“ i.e. fish restaurants, tourist settlement, mooring facilities as well as the place from which you can get onboard on one of the ships that will take you on the Danube cruises and visits to places such as Kamenjar, Mačkov sprud, Rakovački Dunavac, Ljubavno ostrvo (Love Island). As you cruise along the
armlets, islands and marshes you will have the opportunity to see various birds (grey heron, small white heron, black-crowned night heron, small-yellow heron) that have decided to call this area their home.

Tourist resort “Ribarsko Ostrvo” presents its visitors with an opportunity to enjoy themselves in a relaxing ambience in the immediate vicinity of the river. You will be able to find a unique
sense of inner peace and an ideal location to rest yourselves if you decide to come to a tourist resort located on the very bank of the Danube surrounded by greenery. The resort offers a possibility of organizing various types of celebrations and seminars along with the standard service of providing accommodation and coulinary enjoyment.

Ribarsko Ostrvo is a Novi Sad weekend resort with the following restaurants and “čardas”: “Kućerak na Ribarcu”, Ribarsko ostrvo bb, and “Piknik bar & restaurant”, Ribarsko ostrvo bb, +381 (0)691745645; Tourist Resort Ribarsko Ostrvo****, under which “Ribarac”, “Alaska barka” and “Alaska terasa” restaurants are operating. Kamenjar is a weekend resort with popular restaurants and accommodation facilities: “Čarda Mačak” Restaurant, Kamenjar bb, and Ethno restaurant “Bata Pežo“, Kamenjar V br. 21,+381 (0)62 555-311 ; Accommodation is available at “Drevna“ – Ethno Resort, Podunavska 6,; Guesthouse “Kamenjar“ Kamenjar I br. 95 and Guesthouse “Panorama Aqualux“, Kamenjar 5/41 , Villa Palace, Kosmajska 23