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Novi Sad Nominated For The “best Destination 2016”

May 25, 2017

Novi Sad was nominated for the “Best Destination 2016” – the selection of the best destination in Europe.
Voting is conducted online, at the web site of the European Best Destination (www.vote.ebdest.in) and it lasts until February 10th.
Novi Sad was included in the list of 20 tourist destinations in Europe that were nominated for the “Best Destination 2016” title, together with destinations such as Rome, Paris, London, Barcelona, Prague, Madrid, Nantes, Brussels, Zadar, Kotor, Nicosia, Plovdiv, Vienna, Milan, Athens, Berlin, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, and the Azores. Novi Sad appeared on the list on the initiative of the European Best Destination that recognised the quality of tourist offer of Novi Sad and potentials of the city to present itself within the circle of the most significant European tourist destinations and nominate itself for the best destination at that prestigious competition at the European level.
The selection of destinations for the “Best Destination 2016” is conducted based on voting, online on the European Best Destination (www.vote.ebdest.in) web site that lasts from January 20th to February 10th, 2016. The destination that collects the largest number of votes will be awarded the title of the “Best Destination 2016” while the list of the first ten places will be published alongside the winner.
The mere presence of Novi Sad on the list of European Best Destinations is an exceptional benefit that provides high visibility of tourist offer of the City of Novi Sad at the world level, which is accomplished through promotion of tourist attractions and potentials, taking into account that the web site of this organisation has been visited more than 2,500,000 times since 2009 and that it has more than 70,000 followers on social networks.
“Best Destination” is only one of the categories in selection of destinations that the European Best Destination, the European organisation with the head-office in Brussels, has been organising since 2009. In 2015, several competitions were organised in different categories and we could single out the “Best Destination 2015” category where the title was awarded to the city of Bordeaux from France.
The information about other categories and results of selections can be found at the web site www.europeanbestdestinations.com, which registered more than 320,000 of votes in 2015.
Voting for Novi Sad in the category of the “Best Destination 2016” at the web site www.vote.ebdest.in is of exceptional significance for tourist promotion of Novi Sad. The argument in favour is the experience of the last year’s winner of the “Best Destination 2015” title, the French city of Bordeaux, which registered the increase in number of foreign tourists by 10.7% while the media wrote about Bordeaux 74% more compared to 2014. That can be considered a direct consequence and indicator of success of branding a destination through its participation at the “Best Destination” competition.