Novi Sad-For the young

Novi Sad is the city that is an unavoidable point on the map of the most visited destinations for youth tourism. In addition to classical tourist contents for those who wish an active holiday and who are young in spirit and can take full day walking, running, cycling and similar activities, Novi Sad has got the following replies: Štrand, Danube Rafting, Walking around Fruška Gora,  Sports and recreational horse riding, NS BIKE, Mountain Cycling, Adrenaline Park, Room Escape.

Within recent years, the programmes and events arising on the platform of a new cultural matrix leaning towards the avant-garde and alternative have been grouping along the traditional cultural production. New creative energy brought about by youth groups and organisations has contributed, along with the already recognisable traditional platform, to turn Novi Sad into the European Capital of Culture 2021 and European Youth Capital 2019.

Dino Park offers a full day entertainment and education for all ages (families with small children, children from kindergartens, pupils of elementary and secondary schools, students and passionate adventure lovers). Permanent exhibition consists of 24 dinosaurs most of which are of multimedia type. Discover and experience Dino adventure!