The market is the right place to be if you are interested in getting to know the true picture of a society and a true spirit of a certain place. Some markets are very small and there you can get only some basic foodstuff, while at others you can even buy a second hand car. Every single one of the city's markets is unique in its own manner and each of them will offer you a very diverse and affordable variety of items.

Najlon Market

Najlon (flee market) is located at Klisa and it is abundant in diverse goods, antiques, used cars, furniture, heating wood, cattle and feed as well as house pets. The developmental programme of the Public Utility Company “Tržnica” Novi Sad prescribes...
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Riblja Market

Riblja Pijaca (Fish Market) has grown from the site that served exclusively for the supply of citizens with fish by the middle of the 19th century into a classical green market with a rich offer of fresh agricultural produce, chicken meat,...
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Futoška Market

  Futoška Market is one of the most frequently visited markets and best supplied with agricultural produce and diverse commodities. The redesigned Futoška Market fits in from in urban planning sense in ever more organised surroundings and rightfully occupies the...
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