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Make a break in the forests of Fruška Gora region

June 23, 2021

Fruška Gora region is rich with natural and man-made values and it is therefore often difficult to decide, within such abundance, where to go for a short vacation and enjoyment. For all those who wish to escape from urban crowd for a short while, during any season, and go to a forest area surrounded with all necessary accommodation facilities and corresponding gastronomic offer, the following accommodation facilities could be the right choice: Hotel Norcev *** is at the distance of only 20 km from Novi Sad. It is located adjacent to the TV tower and surrounded with a forest complex. It may be the right choice for all those who wish a comfortable and romantic vacation in the centre of Fruška Gora, as well as for all those who wish an active vacation. Walking trails stretch towards Iriški Venac and further on towards Vrdnik, or monasteries of Grgeteg and Velika Remeta. The Information Centre of the Public Company “Fruška Gora National Park“ with nature conservation display and souvenir shop is located at Iriški Venac. The guiding services are also at the disposal of all the visitors.

The Centre for Economic and Technological Development of Vojvodina (CePTOR) is both a congress and tourist-hospitality complex, which means that the guests who wish to spend time in comfortable accommodation facilities and enjoy in local cuisine and wines are equally cordially welcomed. The Centre is located at Andrevlje, one of the most beautiful picnic sites of Fruška Gora, surrounded with deciduous forest. Walking trails leading towards Partizanski Put and Letenka provide enjoyment for all walking lovers and those who enjoy in forest ambience and all the boons provided by forests. The visitors of the Centre at Andrevlje will be glad to know that Čerević and Banoštor, the Danube villages worth visiting, are also nearby.

If you haven’t heard of the beauty and value of oak tree forests at Bosut and striking romance of Morović it is maybe the right moment to explore a part of that yourself. The Military Facility Morović has the offer for all those who like to enjoy in an untouched nature of powerful hundred-years-old forests carrying only their cameras with them. The accommodation in comfortable villas “Košuta“ (“Doe“) and “Srna“ (“Roe Deer“) (a residential facility built for Tito) and gastronomic offer that goes along with it shall satisfy many different tastes and expectations. Rare direct experiences of deer watching are possible sometimes, although from a certain distance. The visitors of the villa “Košuta“ (“Doe“) can see deer at their nearby feeding ground providing they do not disturb these noble animals.

Morović is quite a small settlement nested at the mouth of the river Studva into Bosut. Water, forest and myth are embedded in its contemporary story. Surrounded with prodigious Bosut forests, at the shield of rivers, formerly mighty fortress was built by the end of the 14th century that used to defend the southern borders of Hungary. The remains of the walls and marvellous Roman Catholic Church of the Holly Mary, which resembles to a memorable setting of the drama about the crusaders’ or Ottoman campaigns, remind of those mythical days. The most representational part of the contemporary settlement is located within former fortress walls while the bridges across the Studva and Bosut give romantic tones on the picture of Morović. The fact that quite a small settlement on two rivers and three bridges is becoming more and more the destination for picnics and short breaks is evidenced by tourist offer with a special place that belongs to the Ethno House “Gagijevo Sedlo“ (“Gagi’s Saddle“) and Vila “Sunce“ (Vila “Sun“).


Text: Gordana Stojaković


Information for visitors:

Hotel Norcev Iriški Venac https://norcev.rs/ 

CePTOR Andrevlje   http://www.ceptor-andrevlje.rs

Military Facility Morović  http://www.vumorovic.mod.gov.rs/sr/

Ethno House “Gagijevo sedlo“ Morović http://www.gagijevosedlo.rs/

Vila Sunce Morović https://sr-rs.facebook.com/VilaSunceMorovic/