The Manual Co.

Manual workshop for making leather items was founded in 1985 in Novi Sad. The very name Manual, and the registration, which undoubtedly speaks of what Manual has been doing for more than 36 years, indicate that it is a meeting place for old masters, a nursery for young new people and that it has been defending some old crafts for over three decades. Currently, the company has about 150 employees. Handmade and cut leather, using the techniques of old crafts, is one of the qualities of their brand. With old tools and craftsmanship, their bags, wallets and belts are made.

In its efforts to be a serious European brand, Manual, in addition to its interiors, has also developed its school of sales, packaging, presentations, audio and video commercials, posters, and appearances on social networks.

The workshop was certified twice to produce leather goods by hand in the traditional way and to protect and nurture old and artistic crafts (first on May 12th, 1995. No. Ser. 413-3280 / 9501, by the Ministry of Culture, second in 2012 No. Ser 300-313-01-00045 / 2012-09, by the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development).

They pay equal attention to the details and design of their premises in the production of their products. As well as handbags, belts and wallets, shop windows and the interior of the store were made in an aesthetic look from the beginning of the 20th century, stunning visitors and customers with an enchanting game of history and modernity. Manual started its 36-year history with one object, and now they have 10, in Novi Sad and Belgrade.

Details, bathed in the aesthetics of the past, adorn their products, but also the locals. Arranged in the authentic spirit of trade and craft shops from the beginning of the 20th century, their premises are mini museums in themselves. Each store is also a gallery of their M.F.A.M. museum and has a part of the museum collection which is also the inspiration for their products.

Manual Forgotten Arts Museum – M.F.A.M. was created as a result of twenty-five years of research, collection and protection of artifacts of old and artistic crafts. In the first years, the collected items served as an inspiration to the design team, but also as a decoration of the store, thus building a unique and recognizable trademark of Manual’s manufactory. Over time, the number of collected items grows and today exceeds an incredible 150.000 items. The abundance of materials caused the collection to grow into a specific museum with unusual collections, and as such it is unique in this part of Europe and beyond. Pioneering research in the field of industrial archeology has collected a large number of exhibits. This is how unique collections of packaging and advertising material, electrical instruments, all the way to complete interiors, craft workshops with inventory were created. Various, unusual and bizarre objects have found their place here, gathered in one collection of ephemerals in this area.

Today M.F.A.M. works by protecting over ten old crafts, preserving objects from past times and establishing an exciting dialogue between the past and the future.


Address: Zmaj Jovina 18

Phone: 021/474 00 76




Zmaj Jovina 18