Cristonati couture

Fashion Atelier Cristonati couture is creative workshop and showroom, that can be characterized as good energy place where you wish to have a cup of coffee. It is placed in modern part of Novi Sad, called Grbavica, and it is arranged as a designer’s attelier based on contemporary european ateliers as a role models.

Designer studio is oriented in to custom tailored apparel for each woman. Showroom is opened for everyone. It is not easy to define their fashion style, but we can say that it is concieved in 3 categories:

– Basic – Everyday trendy cloting for all body types. Shirts and dresses made of natural fabrics – usually accentuated contours. Huge brand logos, neutral colours makes them ultramodern and wearable.

– Fashion accesories – jewelry, purses and belts for daring women.

– Custom custom tailored clothes – balanced between modern aestetics and women anatomy.

Fashion show collections, done at least once per year are also result of a moment of inspiration. To create simple clothes with effective look is not an easy goal. They pay attention to glamorous details to make every outfit remarkable. Sketching and dedication precede to workmanship. In their collection you can expect to find hand made parts with a les petite mains as a role model. They also design fashionable kids clothes.

They say: „Dare to shine in your everyday fashion style. Be the one who make your own fashion rules!“


Address: Alekse Šantića 24/2


Phone: +381 63 888/32/91





Alekse Šantića 24/2