Zmajevac recreational area (Fruška gora)


Zmajevac is a recreational area on the crest of Fruška Gora on the Partisan Road near the intersection of Vrdnik and Rakovac. It is located at an altitude of 457 meters. There is a famous restaurant in the “Zmajevac” mountain lodge. Zmajevac Restaurant is ideal for escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city, and is especially famous for its hunting specialties. Within the restaurant there are also rooms where you can sleep and recharge your batteries. There is also a playground for children. There is also a lookout point near the recreational area on the Partisan Road. The area is decorated with benches and canopies, and from the viewpoint there is a view of Srem and the Vrdnik spa. Not far from Zmajevac is the Rakovac Quarry