Stražilovo recreational area (Fruška gora)


You don’t have to go far to escape from the city and everyday life. At the distance of only 4 km from Sremski Karlovci and 16 km from Novi Sad within the National Park Fruška Gora there is a popular picnic area Stražilovo. On the glade at the foot of Stražilovo, on the bank of the Ešikovački (Stražilovački) stream, you will first be greeted by a monument – a sculpture of the famous Serbian poet from the period of Romanticism, Branko Radičević, with a lyre in his hand, the work of a sculptor Jovan Soldatović. There is also a restaurant Čardak, a log cabin with a large terrace, where you can taste gastronomic specialties.

A short and not so demanding ascent along a wide serpentine path, which leads through the forest, will take you to the place where Branko Radičević rests forever, on a hill that is 295 m high. On the way to the top of the hill, the ideal places for short breaks are information boards with verses of Branko’s poems and information about plant species of Fruška Gora area.

The monument to Branko Radičević, pyramidal in shape, six meters high, consists of three steps and an obelisk. The third step is composed of eight stone cubes, brought from various mountains: Avala, Plješivica, Velebit, Klek, Dinara, Lovćen, Vršac Mountains and Fruška Gora, as a sign of love of the Serbian people for their poet.

Nearby you can find the Mountaineers’ Lodge “Stražilovo” which offers accommodation, bicycle renting, use of artificial rock, and upon a prior notice they can also organize team building and seminars for you, as well as hiking and biking guide services, forest cinema and many other amenities.

For fans of accommodation under the open sky, the Eco-camp “Fruška Gora” is nearby. In addition to camping, it is also suitable for organizing events and team building activities.