Čortanovci recreational area (Fruška gora)


Čortanovci is a rural settlement located on the banks of the Danube and also a popular picnic spot within the Fruška Gora National Park. In addition to natural values, the area is also rich in cultural and historical monuments: the remains of a Neolithic settlement and the remains of a Roman fortification, the Savinac spring, where, according to tradition, Saint Sava stayed on his way to Kovilj, as well as Villa Stanković, the villa of the royal governor Radenko Stanković, where today they organize numerous interesting events and festivals.

Čortanovci can also boast of a beach on the Danube, where the famous film “The Elusive Summer of ‘68” was shot, attractive sandbanks and river islands, as well as the natural environment of the Mihaljevac Forest.

You can get more information about the tourist offer of Čortanovci and its surroundings at the Tourism Organization of the Municipality of Indjija www.indjijatravel.rs