Andrevlje recreational area (Fruška gora)


Six kilometers from the village of Čerević is Andrevlje, one of the most beautiful recreational areas in Fruška Gora. Isolated and surrounded by dense forest, it is an ideal place for a vacation in nature. The large meadow where the recreational area is located is actually a kind of island inside a dense forest. Goals for indoor football, swings and see-saws and other facilities are suitable for family outings in nature.

The center is occupied by the Center for Economic Technological Development (CePTOR), a congress and tourist-hospitality complex, where guests can spend time in comfortable accommodation, enjoying local cuisine and wines. For lovers of hiking and enjoying the forest environment and all the benefits that forests provide, there are hiking trails to Partisan Road and Letenka. Visitors to the Andrevlje Center will be pleased to learn that Čerević and Banoštor are located in the immediate vicinity, Danube settlements that are worth visiting and are especially famous for their local winemakers.