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Explore the quay on wheels

September 25, 2019

We are witnessing the great popularity of electric scooter not only in the world but also in our country. Since spring this device has been ubiquitous in the city, you may even know someone who owns one copy. Our team had a desire to give a try on the ride, which is why we visited scooter-rent on Laze Telečkog street. The friendly staff gave us a short driving course and some tips to keep in mind when driving.

Our drive destination was a quay, and the reasons are many – the quay close to the city center, a great trail we used for a test drive as well as very rich tourist content. The first few minutes of the ride were “unsafe” until we had a little walk, then the enjoyment could start. We certainly had pedestrian safety in mind, which is the first and basic prerequisite for getting involved in wheeled traffic.



The quay stretches for 5 kilometers and our starting point was the mouth of the DTD channel into the Danube. From Žeželj’s Bridge we came across a lot of interesting things that complemented the pleasure of riding electric drones. We first came across the first of two quay monuments, the monument of Uzeir Hadzibejli, an Azeri composer and a man who wrote the Hymn of Azerbaijan.

Just 800 meters away is a monument to the victims of the raid, the work of sculptor Jovan Soldatovic, in memory of the “January raid” of 1942. This part of the quay is also very popular with young people as a gathering place during the evenings on Fridays and Saturdays, and the location is great because of the beautiful view of the fort and the “drunken” clock.

In addition to these two monuments, the quay also has two murals. The tiger mural “protects” the corner of Kozačinskog street and quay, while the angel mural (which is mostly unfortunately damaged) overlooks the Danube, located at the corner of Belgrade Quay and Unknown Hero Square. As we “buzzed” further, we passed a board with information on the Francis Joseph Bridge, of which only the pillars that jut out of the water remained and are a testament to our city’s turbulent past.



At the very end, or the beginning, depends on where you are going, Chinatown is located on the quay, a significant industrial heritage of Novi Sad, which is currently under reconstruction. What gives life to this part of the city are the sports fields for football, basketball, tennis, bowling and mini golf. In addition to them on the quay can be found outdoor gyms. Of course we cannot forget about the beaches of Strand and Becarac.

The Strand is the most popular and one of the most decorated beaches in the entire Danube. It was opened in 1911 and was once used by the popular Trčika tram. The entire image of the quay is completed by catering facilities where you can refresh yourself with a wonderful view of the Danube.



No matter how long the quay was, we passed it relatively quickly on electric scooters. We have to admit that we were very pleasantly surprised and that during the ride we did not remove the smile from our faces. They are quite economical and easy to use so we want to recommend everyone to try out on this device.

Note If you decide to buy or rent electric scooters we would like to give you some tips as well:

  • Do not develop too fast and leave enough space between you and other road users for breaks
  • Experts also recommend wearing a helmet when riding
  • Our recommendation is to wear glasses when driving to protect your eyes from outside influences
  • If you drive a scooter on a pedestrian path, reduce speed to pedestrian speed, especially if there are children
  • When driving, ride with both hands on the crotch of the scooter
  • While driving, pay attention to curbs, holes, and jams along the way
  • Do not drive drones over puddles or wet surfaces as the electronics are below the surface on which you are standing while driving


Authors: Ognjen Dokić and Aleksa Džakula