City of free spirit, art and culture

Novi Sad is the city of cultures where differences intertwine rather than diverge one from another. Novi Sad emphasizes its multiculturalism, history and spirit of the city through artistic expression, museum exhibitions, temporary installations, street art, projects and events that take place throughout the year alongside with its rich cultural offer. The creative potential of young people can be partially attributed for that since they unselfishly transfer their energy into empowerment of identity of their city.
Novi Sad knows how to cherish its intangible heritage- foremost its way of life and hospitality of the local residents, as well as its history and material artefacts that are put on display to visitors in institutions of culture across the city. Matica Srpska, City Museum of Novi Sad, Museum of Vojvodina, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Gallery Square or the Synagogue are some of the buildings and venues that can certainly intrigue every young person.
Novi Sad will hold the title of the European Capital of Culture 2022. The rich cultural programme will be performed intensively throughout all seasons of the year and in different venues across the city. Culture stations have been rehabilitated for the purpose of extending the creative-cultural segment of the city: Chinese Quarter, Svilara or Egyseg that shall become or have already become the cores of artistic expression of young people and those who feel as such.