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Following the trail of Einstein family

July 27, 2021

The fact that one of the most renowned scientists of the world Albert Einstein visited Novi Sad on two occasions as it is believed was enough to spark interest in many foreign visitors to follow his trail through Novi Sad. The interest was also sparked by numerous publications that dealt with private life of the renowned scientist and in the particular with the period when he shared his daily life and joy of scientific discoveries with his first wife born in Novi Sad Mileva Marić that also happened to have a great interest for mathematics.

The literary interpretations and epistolary documented privacies of marriage life of Einstein transverse in many directions while often placing in focus the fate of Mileva Marić Einstein, their sons Hans Albert and Eduard as well as mysteriously lost daughter Lieserl. It should also be mentioned that many visitors were influenced by the works that dealt with Mileva Marić Einstein as a scientist, theoretician or for renewed valuation of her contribution to science. In this context, the independently created touristic tours related to Einstein family in Novi Sad(that are dominant even nowadays) had different starting points, expectations and outcomes.

The house in Kisačka 20 that was built in 1907 by Miloš Marić the father of Mileva Marić Einstein is what can be seen in Novi Sad in regards to Einstein family. The ownership over the part of this house was transferred to Hans Albert and Eduard Einstein after her death.

The plate notifying that the married couple Einstein spent their time during their visits to Marić family in 1905 and 1907 was placed on the Marić’s house at the centenary of birth of Mileva Marić Einstein Mileva. It can be said with certainty that the first visit of Einstein family to Marić family should be tied to a farm house owned by Marić family in Kać. The new info plate was placed there in 2017. The plate has a following inscription:

This house was built in 1907 by

Miloš Marić (1846-1922)

officer of  the Šajkaš Battalion

The following people spent part of their lives in this house:

Mileva Marić Einstein (1875-1948)

Serbian scientist and first wife of  Albert Einstein

Miloš Marić Mlađi (Junior) (1885-1944)

professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Veterinary Science in Saratovo


One more event connects the Einstein family with Novi Sad. The event in question is baptism of children in nearby Nikolajevska Church. In September of 1913,Mileva Marić Einstein was, according to the chroniclers of Novi Sad, persuaded by her father and brother to baptize her children Hans Albert and Eduard in accordance with the Orthodox procession  during her stay in family house. The procession was carried out by a priest  Teodor Milić, while the godfather was  doctor Lazar Marković.

Albert Einstein in Novi Sad  – represents such important news for foreigners that surpass the appeal of numerous other city attractions up to the extent that a mere walk along the part of the city in which is located  the former Marić’s family house  carries with it a specific appeal.  The fact that Albert Einstein used to visit this place is enough for the foreign tourist to continuously include Kisačka 20 on their agenda regardless of what is written in city chronicles and info plate. The domestic trends in tourism, particularly the ones inspired by researchers of Female studies place in their focus the fate of scientist Mileva Marić Einstein. Both trends start and finish in front of the house in Kisačka 20