Although in the recent past EXIT Festival has been the most famous musical event of Novi Sad, which has been selected twice as the best major festival in Europe, the city has long cherished the tradition of good entertainment. Each year, just before the EXIT Festival, the Youth Tourism Fair OPENS is organised in Novi Sad and it brings together the representatives of the most attractive Balkan destinations for young people. Fans of the seventh art can enjoy the Cinema City Festival. In Novi Sad, the love for jazz sound is fostered at the Novi Sad Jazz Festival, Latino rhythms during the Days of Brazil, and rock type of good fun at the Rhythms of Europe Festival. New Year’s Eve party in Novi Sad, traditionally held at several locations in the city, attracts guests from all over the region, and it is preceded by a major music event – Concert of the Year. More than 200 other events are organised in Novi Sad, and the opportunities for a good time in this city can be enjoyed on a daily basis.