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European Mountain Bike Championships in Novi Sad

July 9, 2021

from August 12th to 15th, 2021

Mountain biking is a sport that you can quickly falls in love with, which is no wonder at all. The ride takes place mostly in forests, in the mountains, in inaccessible areas, but certainly the eye-appealing ones, those you do not pass through every day and that is one of the privileges of that sport, which requires great discipline, strength, readiness and courage, all at the same time. Novi Sad is the city of cycling, in which the number of people who use them is constantly increasing. This summer, our city will get another big and beautiful role. Our city will host the European Mountain Bike Championships from August 12th to 15th. The track along which the competitors will ride their bikes is located on our medieval Petrovaradin Fortress, and the entrance is free. This site was chosen for several reasons and as such is unique. The track goes also along the ramparts of the fortress, leads through the underground tunnels, and the competitors pass right next to the visitors, which will be a new experience for both of them. When such competitions are organized in Europe, the tracks are usually located outside the city, in the forests and in the mountains, but since our Fortress is a valuable cultural and historical monument with a view of the whole of Novi Sad, it has been decided to take the opportunity and present our city in such a way to all the visitors, MTB fans, and competitors coming from 44 European countries, of which there will be 500.

The objective is to provide the accompanying, educational content to the championship, and provide entertainment and show that Novi Sad has the potential, strength, ideas and charm to host such a great sporting event. Everyone is invited – children, young and old people, and families, because this Olympic sport promotes positive values. It is interesting that it is not intended only for men, which is another prejudice that can be broken this summer, if you decide to come to the Fortress and be a part of the European Championship, which is being held in our country for the first time in history. There will really be many ways to break down prejudices and fall in love with an adrenaline sport such as mountain biking. The championship will be broadcast on the “Eurosport” channel, but it is an invitation for all those who want to be a part of a historic moment for Novi Sad to come and create their unique impressions.

The European Championships are organized by the Cycling Association of Serbia, Vojvodina Association of Cycling Clubs and the Cycling Club of Novi Sad, and supported by the City of Novi Sad, Provincial Secretariat for Sports and Ministry of Youth and Sports.


Author: Ana Bojović