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Ten proposals for activities in nature

August 6, 2021

There is no season when Fruška Gora is not marvellous, but it is only during summer that this Mountain (with the capital “M”!) will allow you to enjoy in it in the way that suits you best. Do you want to walk? Do it. Swim, ride a bike, have a bath, ride a horse, camp… Do it. Do it. Do it.

Written by: Dragan Gmizić

No, I could not even assume that mobility restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic will affect me in such a way. I thought it would be relatively easy to cope with the “lockdown”. There’s my daughter, pile of books, I like to cook and I also organized the “online” work from home. However… As the time was passing the books and television series have been left in the shade of the desire to be outside. I could physically feel the nostalgia for beaches along the Danube or Fruška Gora. At one of those moments I decided that, once it was all over, I would never again find myself in the situation to spend summer without walking in Fruška Gora, swimming in the Danube or in some of Fruška Gora lakes, rowing, riding a bike or bird watching… All right, I may skip fishing although I am one of those who understand the fishermen’s passion. It is not the matter of a catch but rather of waiting for the fish to bite isn’t it? That is why this summer I do not miss the opportunity to spend as much time as possible beside the Danube or at Fruška Gora. Here are several proposals for activities in nature in the close vicinity of Novi Sad.


1. A walk along Fruška Gora. The best and safest way to take a walk is to contact some of many mountaineering societies and join them at their next organized walk. If, however, you wish to walk alone my favourite route is between Iriški Venac and Hopovo monastery where Dositej Obradović, our first educator, also used to spend time as a monk. The track is marked and safe.

2. When talking about Dositej I cannot forget to mention Branko Radičević and his Stražilovo. That is one of the most famous and best arranged picnic sites at Fruška Gora. A walk to Branko’s grave or mountaineering centre or a mere rest in a local restaurant and enjoying in gastronomic specialties are only some options.

3. Riding in nature. “Forest Stable” (“Šumska štala”) is a unique place for riding at Fruška Gora that offers quality training in riding, numerous possibilities for field riding and wonderful horses to spend time with.

4. Enjoying in the lakes. There are sixteen lakes at Fruška Gora and they are mainly artificial accumulations or former stone mines. During the summer the Fruška Gora lakes fans occupy almost each of them. However, I owe an important piece of information. Among all the lakes only the Borkovac Lake near Ruma is arranged as a bathing resort. That means that I do not go further than my knees depth. More precisely, I enter the water only to take a cold watermelon. They are the sweetest in Srem.

5. Adrenaline Park. The “ADVENTURE PARK” has been opened for all those who love “active vacation” at the space beneath the Vrdnik Tower. The park has a swinging descend of 450 m with more than 30 platforms to overcome some around 30 directions of different complexity and altitude difference of more than 50 m. Try it.

6. Riding a bike along Partizanski Put. I congratulate all those who manage to climb to Iriški Venac riding a bike. I am one of those who put their bike in a car and then enjoy in an easy ride along the Fruška Gora gorge. If you are the adrenaline addict and bike lover try the “Bike Park” in the place called Bukovac not far from Novi Sad. It is an ideal place for those who enjoy in extreme bike riding.

7. More than 220 bird species inhabit Fruška Gora constantly or only during the summer months. National Park Fruška Gora organizes for its visitors different bird watching programmes at forest and steppe habitats and lakes. I suggest you to contact the “Bird Protection and Study Association of Serbia” (“Društvo za zaštitu i proučavanje ptica Srbije”) that regularly organizes bird watching not only at Fruška Gora.

8. “Fruška Gora“ Eco Camp is located at Stražilovo. According to its characteristics the camp is designated to different needs of all the visitors, starting from those who wish to stay in nature but do not want to give up the comfort to experienced campers.

9. Navigating along the Danube arms. A lot of things have been said and written about the Danube but the only proper way to feel the Danube is the navigation, the one lasting fro at least one hour. Kovilj Marsh is worth visiting because, as claimed by the navigation organizers, “an easy navigation lasting for 1 hour opens up an entirely new world to the visitors and offers them a view of the remains of former vastness of ponds and marshes“. Navigating is not the only option as you can also row and the boat can be rented at some of the numerous clubs.

10. Fishing is certainly not my favourite activity, but… “I would have to eat you fish even when there is no hunger”, as a poet Branko Radičević says. For those who like fishing at Fruška Gora and on the Danube there are ideal places for that. Kovilj and Kovilj-Petrovaradin Marsh are some of the most famous Novi Sad fishing sites, but we should not forget the Fruška Gora lakes, Begečka jama, Crni vir near Kać… Make inquiries and do not forget to take the fishing permit.

For more useful information about recreation in nature I regularly visit www.novisad.travel. Make inquiries because Novi Sad and its surroundings offer a range of interesting places for walking, bathing and many other activities. Enjoy in nature!