Novi Sad Theatre/ Újvidéki Színház

Novi Sad Theatre/ Újvidéki Színház started its existence in 1974. The “Catsplay” by Istvan Orkeny was first play that was staged and that was considered the beginning of its work. Since then all until 1985 the theatre did not have its own building. Having moved to the building of the former “Ben Akiba” Theatre it started a new life that resulted with numerous rewards at domestic and foreign theatre festivals. The repertoire of the theatre consists of the works of Hungarian, Vojvodina authors, as well as the works of the world classics and modern writers. The plays are in Hungarian and those belonging to the regular repertoire are being translated into Serbian. The building of the Novi Sad Theatre was reconstructed in 1940 by the Novi Sad architect Oskar Pakvor.


Jovana Subotića Street 3-5, Novi Sad