Youth Theatre

Youth Theatre is located at Ignjata Pavlasa Street. It was established in 1931 as the first puppet theatre in Vojvodina and Serbia. In 1936 it moved to a newly built Centre of the King Aleksandar I Unifier. After the World War II the theatre worked as Vojvodina Puppet Theatre, later on as the City Puppet Theatre, Puppet Theatre and since 1968 as the Youth Theatre. Drama was established in 1991 so that currently there are two ensembles: Drama and Children’s Theatre. The building that currently accommodates the Youth Theatre was designed for the needs of the Athletic Society (Sokolsko društvo) by Djordje Tabaković, one of the most significant Novi Sad architects in the period between the two wars. The building, which is known today as “Sokolski Dom” was built in 1936 in a modern style.


Ignjata Pavlasa 4, Novi Sad