Museum of Vojvodina

Museum of Vojvodina is located at Dunavska Street no. 35-37. Through archaeological, ethnological, and historical collections, it keeps and presents the traces of material and spiritual culture from the territory of Vojvodina starting from Palaeolithic Age to the 20th century. The institution named Vojvodina Museum was established in 1947 by separating a part of the material from the Museum of Matica Srpska. It moved to its current address in 1974. It is the building of a former court that was built in 1896 according to the design of the Budapest architect Gyula Vagner. Vojvodina Museum used to be the central institution in Vojvodina from which the City Museum of Novi Sad, Museum of the Workers’ Movement and National Revolution, and Agricultural Museum in Kulpin (among others) arose later on. The Museum of Vojvodina was founded by merging of Vojvodina Museum and Museum of the Workers’ Movement and National Revolution in 1992. The Museum of Vojvodina has also got two branches –Museum Complex in Kulpin and Ethno Park “Brvnara” in Bački Jarak. Three parade, late Roman, gold plated helmets are some of exceptionally valuable pieces displayed in the Museum of Vojvodina.


Dunavska 35-37, Novi Sad