Culture station Svilara

Former factory for silk dyeing keeps meemory to past times when Vojvodina had over two millions of mulberry trees and when Novi Sad had bigest silk factory in Hungary. That factory doesn’t exist any more, but it introduced tradition of sericulture which was present in Almaš neighbourhood until 1970’s. Project of Svilara preservation was initiated by local community, and was part of the Pan-European initiative for the year of cultural heritage. The culture station implements the program ‘Urban Heritage’ which brings various kinds of culture programs that are connected to contemporary heritage interpretation. Neighbouring Academy of Arts is a strong partner as well as local NGO ‘Almašani’, which gathers community as well as experts in heritage preservation. The audience attracted to this place are usually young people, artists and schoolteachers.


Đorđa Rajkovića 6b, Novi Sad