Atelier 61

Atelier 61 was founded in 1961 as the workshop for manufacture of artistic tapestries of large formats and it is one of unique and rare similar institutions in the world. It was founded by Boško Petrović (1922-1982). The role and the main objective of Atelier 61 is the preservation of tradition of manufacture of items made of fabric. In the beginning of the sixties already it started producing large format tapestries according to the drafts (cartoons) of well known Yugoslav artists Stojan Ćelić, Lazar Vujaklija, Mladen Srbinović, Milan Konjović, Ankica Oprešnik, etc. First exhibitions in the country and abroad (Scandinavia, Latin America, USA, Europe) of tapestries made in Atelier 61 were welcomed with high recognitions that introduced this workshop onto the map of cultural institutions of great value. During the history that is half a century long more than 800 tapestries were made in Atelier 61 in co-operation with close to 200 artists. First weavers were women who learnt the craft from their mothers and grandmothers. Currently they are the weavers who learnt the craft in “Bogdan Šuput” school. The institution also includes the Gallery of Tapestries “Boško Petrović”, which was established in 1999. In addition to exhibition of tapestries from the “Atelier 61” Collection the Gallery also hosts musical and literary evenings. The Gallery of Boško Petrović is located at the Leopold’s Gunpowder Magazine, beneath St. Leopold’s Bastion.


Petrovaradin, Tvrdjava 9