Why was the programme of guaranteed free sightseeing tours initiated?

The reason to initiate this programme is the fact that Novi Sad lacks the programmes that will offer guaranteed sightseeing tours to tourists. The programme is organised by the Tourist Organisation of the City of Novi Sad and it will be implemented according to the previously set schedule by a tourist guide Miloš Dunjić (Licence no. 1559 issued on May 12th, 2013).

Who are the guaranteed sightseeing tours designated to?

1. Tourists accommodated in Novi Sad, citizens of Novi Sad, visitors of Novi Sad
Free sightseeing tours for tourists are designated primarily to tourists accommodated in Novi Sad whose number is rising every year. The tours are also designated to all the visitors of Novi Sad, as well as to the citizens of Novi Sad.
2. Tourist agencies
The tour titled Novi Sad from the Jewish angle that will be organised on Saturdays is to be booked exclusively by tourist agencies. This is the only programme designated to tourist agencies, exclusively due to security reasons.

Number of persons:
These are guaranteed tours that will be organised regardless the minimum number of persons. There is the limitation when it comes to the size of groups booked by individuals, which implies the maximum of 10 persons.
For the tour titled Novi Sad from the Jewish angle (on Saturdays) that is booked by tourist agencies the maximum number is 60 persons.

How to apply and register:

The contents, routes, and timing of the tours are available at the web site of the Tourist Organisation of the City of Novi Sad where you can also book certain tour according to the offered schedule.
For all the tours except for the tour titled Novi Sad from the Jewish angle (on Saturdays) one person (from one computer) may book the tour for the maximum 4 persons.
If you are the citizen of Novi Sad and holder of the Serbian citizenship or with the residence in Serbia you need to enter your name and family name, city you come form, personal E-mail and contact telephone number (fixed/landline: exclusively in Novi Sad; mobile: only for networks operating in Serbia) when booking the tour. This is necessary to enable us to inform you in case of some extraordinary situation.
The foreigners/tourists who book the tour individually need to enter the name, family name, country they come from, passport number, name of accommodation facility in Novi Sad, Belgrade (or some other place in SERBIA where they are accommodated at the moment of booking), personal E-mail and contact details (mobile, or telephone of the accommodation facility).
When it comes to agencies, the reservation contains the name and family name of a person (tourist), country he/she comes from, passport number and data on the agency (name, address, E-mail, telephone, contact person).
Booking confirmation is the number you will get to identify yourself to the tour guide at the starting point. The tours for individuals are booked according to the booking order all up to the maximum number of participants (max.: 25 persons).
For the tour titled Novi Sad from the Jewish angle (on Saturdays) that are booked exclusively by tourist agencies the booking is made according to the order of booking all up to the max. number of 60 persons. One agency may not book more than 2 tours a month. Booking confirmation is the number you will get and use to identify yourself to the tour guide.
We ask you kindly to estimate your needs and possibilities when you book the tour and make a booking only for the tour/tours you are certain to participate in. Otherwise, it may happen that almost half less participants come to a fully booked tour and many cannot come because they were declined.
Cancellations: This programme is organised in good faith and because we believe that bookings will be made in accordance with the needs and possibilities of participants. Therefore, we expect a smaller number of cancellations, mainly due to Force Majeure, and you have the obligation to inform us accordingly.


We ask you kindly to arrive 5 to 10 min. earlier to the starting point for the booked tour so that you can register with the tour guide.
For each tour, it is necessary to dress in compliance with the current weather conditions and in summer months, we recommend that you take a small bottle of water with you. It is mandatory to put on comfortable shoes.
We ask you kindly to leave the questions you have for the tour guide for the end of the programme so that the group could keep up with the planned timing.
Please, plan to buy ice cream, other sweets or snacks, as well as any other shopping upon the tour completion.
Taking of photographs of all the sights (where it is allowed) is possible providing you do not disturb or delay the group.


All persons entering the Synagogue have to be decently dressed, as it is the case with any other religious building where services are practised. We ask you kindly to observe the instructions of the tour guide.

SPECIAL NOTE: The organiser reserves the right to cancel the tour, correct the schedule, including timing in the case of Force Majeure, large interest or absence of the same.